Strobel&Walter balance board


The Strobel & Walter Balance Board is an innovative and exciting way to make your training experience more exciting! In addition to functionality, it is also a very good design element!

The Strobel & Walter website has smart ideas for home use, therapy, yoga classes and group workouts in sports clubs.

We have a balance table as a demo product!


Proma Reha Baby


Proma Reha BABY bed is easyly adjustable in hight and sleeping position.

We have a demo-product!


MESI mTABLET - a medical device with a new concept


The MESI mTABLET diagnostic system is a comprehensive system of top-notch diagnostic modules, patient records and medical apps, all in one system.

MESI mTABLET is constantly upgraded with additional diagnostic tools and medical apps tested by medical professionals. This boosts its functionality and gives users access to the information and tools they need.

Communication between the primary care physician, nurse, and specialist is crucial for the patient’s outcome. With MESI mTABLET, all the stakeholders access healthcare information in the same format. This prevents misunderstandings in communication, inconsistencies in reporting and therefore reduces time spent on diagnosis and treatment.

All diagnostic modules connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with MESI mTABLET providing you with boundless freedom.


Oxygen Concentrator to Estonian Rescue Team


We handed over to the Estonian Rescue Team (EDRT) a new Oxygen Concentrator with an oxygen bottle filling system. The oxygen supply system produced by Fritz Stephan GmbH is currently the most modern and compact on the market and has been tested in many crisis areas. The new device will ensure that the Estonian rescue team can operate independently of stationary generators and oxygen suppliers. The system produces medical oxygen with a concentration of 93% of the ambient air, providing fast, reliable and mobile medical care.


THe New Ergo-6 Phelobotomy chair is available for demo!


The Ergo-6 Phlebotomy chair is designed with healthcare professionals to promote ergonomics at work and speed up the analysis process.

The phelobotomy chair is mechanical, height adjustable with hydraulic pedal and tilt backrest with gas spring.

The ETS armrests are extremely comfortable for both the patient and the procedure. The armrests are quickly adjustable to each occupant with a 360-degree rotating support.


The Ergo-6 Phelobotomy Chair is available on-site at the Scanmed Group OÜ Sample Room and upon request we can bring the chair for on-site testing for your convenience!